About Our Hydro-Massage

Hydro massage therapy is a great way to harness the healing powers both of traditional massage therapies as well as the therapeutic effects of warm water. despite its name it is a completely dry therapy and doesn’t require the removal of any clothing. clients simply lie back on the surface of the hydro bed and indulge in a customized hydro massage that targets a body’s own specific needs. a system of traveling jets of water contained within the base of the bed delivers the perfect amount of pressure precisely where you need it most according to a pre-programmed set of instructions.

Hydro massage is a fantastic way to warm up before fitness training and a great way to loosen up afterwards, too. it can also help prevent muscle soreness from overuse, repetitive or high-intensity workouts. there are deep tissue options in the programming that can relieve tightness and knots that have developed over time. and the resulting increase in circulation will deliver more healing oxygen to your muscles while helping to reduce the build up of harmful toxins.

Beyond the physical benefits of hydro massage therapy, you’ll discover a range of holistic benefits as well. the warmth and precise water pressure work together to offer users deep relaxation and a sense of well-being. you’ll feel less stress, tension and anxiety in your life with each use. clients have also reported fewer migraines, lowered blood pressure, increased flexibility and better digestion, too. the facilities here at float are designed to let you indulge in a premium hydro-massage therapy experience right here in new jersey.