About Our Floatation Therapy

Float therapy is exactly what the name implies – clients float effortlessly in warm, mineral-laden water in a quiet, calm environment. our flotation therapy rooms are private and designed to encourage complete mind and body relaxation. the lighting is subdued and the only noise you’ll hear is the quiet in and out of your own breathing. the pools are shallow with generous dimensions and filled with body temperature water infused with epsom salts – everyone floats easily in this mineral-rich environment. and the combination of minerals and warm water encourages tight muscles to relax completely while the calm environment lets your mind drift away from the day-to-day hustle and bustle of our modern lifestyle. it’s a complete mind relaxation therapy.

Nearly everyone can benefit from floatation therapy. reducing outside stimuli in a floatation environment lets your body achieve a completely restive and restorative state that encourages it to heal itself. the physical benefits are almost too many to count and include effects such as chronic pain relief, quicker recovery from sports injuries, and a decrease in the number of tension headache days. research has also shown a reduction in blood pressure and reduced cortisol levels among those who float regularly. but there are also important emotional benefits as well, such as anxiety relief, better and more complete relaxation, and promoting better, deeper sleep. floatation practitioners also note that they feel more creative and better able to focus after a float session. there is no better way to achieve complete relaxation here in south jersey than with a float experience.